What a classroom can be | Blog #3

I see possibilities all around me, possibilities for learning, for connection, for a wholehearted life. My first week at Embrace TEC has been a crazy ride. Not because it is crazy but because I make myself crazy with thinking about what it will be like. Will they like me? Will the group even listen to me? Why would they listen to me? But than I realize those are just thoughts and they don’t help me, at all.

Instead I choose to ignore those and try to be fully present in the moment; just breathing and enjoying every single moment as best as I can. Just this morning I walked into the Embrace TEC space with one of my favourite songs: “Can you feel it” Indeed! I do feel the excitement, the energy and the spirit of these beautiful people. And the simple truth hit me “All the problems of the world should be, loving each other wholeheartedly.”

Although so simple yet so profound. I consider it my mission in life to live this truth. As I re-watched the movie ‘Freedom Writers’ last weekend I felt inspired to say the least. I imagined what a classroom can be; a space for people to be, to dare, to embrace life. And the cool thing is any experience you would want you can create for yourself.

In the movie “Freedom Writers”, based on a true story, a group of disengaged minority students are empowered to face life head on. After reading Anne Frank’s Diary they feel inspired and empowered by their teacher to invite Miep Gies into their school. They organize several activities to fund it and listen breathless to her stories. In the movie you even see the students bring home the lesson they learn from Miss Gies. Can learning be any more meaningful than that? All they needed was someone who cared and encouraged them. Imagine the possibilities for any classroom. Imagine what is possible for your class, for your study, for your life. Perhaps the world is one giant classroom.