citaat Matters of the Spirit | Blog #11

God is one and has many facets. Therefore God teaches us that everything is one. Even though our eyes and minds tell us differently. Yet as a human you have a free will. God can only work for you if you allow this power to work through you.

God is one, it’s not different from life, the sun, flow or nature. It’s all from the same source and it has many facets. Words can only get us so far, they can help us and point to something. When we get stuck in words, in meaning, in thoughts, they (words) cannot help us.

God is one. Always has been, always is and always will be. No thing, no where and no one can separate this oneness. This is the hidden at-onement for every-one to see, even those who do not have eyes to see.

This very moment Life is encouraging you to see the oneness, feel the unity, be one. The matter of the spirit is that spirit matters. Everyone’s spirit matters. You spirit, you matter.