Free Humanity Manifesto | Blog #10

A manifesto for a


Reclaim Your Attention

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. Luckily we have the hope of humanity in our hearts.

None of us are free until all of us are free. Everything that limits our freedom should be closely inspected. And know that great freedom comes with great responsibility. Responsibility for earth, animals and all that lives.

We are not against anything or anyone, we are for a liberating system that empowers all of us as ONE humanity. For too long we have lived in a system that discourages us to live out our better nature and embrace the goodness that is life. We have become a fractured species. Now is the time to unbreak us, to choose freedom and become whole again.

At the core the whole world is shackled by a centralized system. The rules that govern this system creates scarcity, artificial scarcity. It’s like a game of musical chairs where someone has to lose. By surrendering to this system a lot of people live in fear, lack and can’t imagine any other way.

What if we don’t want to play this game anymore? Just change the game! Is this even possible? Yes it is because ‘central’ systems have a very powerful counterpart: de-central. Decentralized systems operate without anyone in charge. The mission is leading and all who support it act upon it: from inspiration and in trust. WE ARE THE SYSTEM and if we change our ways the system will follow accordingly.

Has this worked before? Yes it has! Think about Gandhi’s mission and Martin Luther King’ dream. Also think about Wikipedia, the mission is in charge. These are wonderful examples. Imagine a new perspective and bring it to reality. As long as people keep the end in mind there is no one who can stop such a movement. Focusing your attention is essential in this regard. Do not let anyone or anything distract us. Make sure that you use tools and don’t let tools use you. Reclaim your attention and reclaim your world!

The task before us is daunting: the at-onement of #humanity. Let’s take on the challenge.

Now is the time. No-where can it be stopped. No-thing can stop it. No-one can stop us. One goal: FREE HUMANITY

I love it when a planet comes together.

— Inspiration —

You know, we all feel the system is to big to change but we are the system and we need to change.