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CONCEPT BEAT YOUR BUDDY[English] For a Media Production course I was elected as Head of Content. This means I will lead a team of 10 people to develop a compelling format and produce 2 episodes which will be live recorded in Hilversum. Besides coming up with the format the Content team will also do editorial tasks for the two episodes. The show was produced together with 80 students in total. With Justus (Head of Production) and Jeannine (Head of Marketing) we leaded the entire liveshow production to a succesful end.

— Format: Beat Your Buddy —

‘Beat Your Buddy’ is a semi-live game show focusing on friends. Separately they will do several challenges on location. The focus is not on the outcome of the challenge but on guessing if your buddy failed or succeeded a challenge. You think you know your friend, but perhaps he developed a certain strategy. Because you both know you could be pranked in the end!
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