5 Movies about the heart of education | Blog #4

– this article was also published on LinkedIn There are some powerful movies out there about learning and/or education which shows that it’s possible not only to change your mind but that education has the potential to completely alter a person’s life, a village or even society. Here are 5 of them that really resonate with me.

3 Idiots (2009) – Two friends are searching for their long lost friend. During their search they revisit their college days and recall how their friend Rancho had a huge impact on their lives. But there is more to Rancho than what they had thought.

WHY SEE THIS: What is education? And what is the impact of what you believe as a teacher on your students?

Freedom Writers (2007) – A dedicated teacher (Hilary Swank) in a racially divided Los Angeles school receives a class of at-risk teenagers the system deems incapable of learning. Instead of giving up, she inspires her students to take an interest in their education and planning their futures. She assigns reading material that the youths can relate to and encourages them to keep journals of their daily lives. Based on the true story of Erin Gruwell.

WHY SEE THIS: With the power of vulnerability a teacher transforms lives. While others just try to maintain the system.

Taree Zameen Par -Every kid is special- (2007) – Ishaan Awasthi is an eight year-old boy who is suffering from dyslexia, a neurological disorder. He is having a trouble recognizing letters, can hardly read and write. Letters and numbers are written inversely and words are commonly misspelled. He can not follow multiple instructions and has poor motor skills. Being different from other normal growing children, he is always thought to be dumb, idiot and lazy. This movie can be found on Netflix (February 2020)

WHY SEE THIS: Every child is one caring adult away from being a success story, right?

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019) – Based on a true story about a 13-year-old boy, William Kamkwamba. He lives in an impoverished village devastated by a famine in Malawi, Africa. In the film, William is kicked out of school because his family can no longer afford the cost. He begins sneaking into the library where he learns how to build a windmill in hope of bringing water to his village, and eventually saving them from the drought and political riots taking place against the government. This movie can be found on Netflix (February 2020)

WHY SEE THIS: The power of education or even just learning on full display. It shows how applied knowledge and inventiveness can change the course not only of a person, a family but also that of an entire village.

Super 30 (2019) – Anand Kumar, a Mathematics genius from a modest family in Bihar who is made to believe that only a King’s son can become a king is on a mission to prove that even the poor man can create some of the world’s most genius minds. He starts a training program named ‘Super 30’ to help 30 IIT aspirants crack the entrance test and make them highly successful professionals.

WHY SEE THIS: Everyone should be allowed access to education. Rebelling against a system that makes education a money making business is his mission.