Renovate a farm into a sustainable habitat, Tessa and Peter did it! | translated from

Peter and Tessa live with three children at Voederheil in the village Zeeland. They are busy renovating their farm into a sustainable habitat so that it can last for at least another 200 years. She works at Friesland Campina (at the ttime) and he has his own company as a landscape architect. In fact, everything in their lives revolves around the theme of sustainability. And that is quite a hassle, but hassle is part of life, Tessa admits with a smile.

Photo from Google Maps, at the beginning of the process.

A few years ago they lived together in Deventer. They were looking for a farm that they could renovate and ended up in Zeeland, Peter’s birthplace. Tessa and Peter tackle it rigorously, step by step. It doesn’t have to be finished in two months. “We take our time,” she says. They currently live with their three children in the space that will later serve as an office.

Their uncle Tonnie helps a lot. He has a lot of construction experience and that is very welcome. Of course from a long-term perspective, consciously thinking about why you do what you do. This skill did not just come out of the blue for Tessa and Peter because they have invested a lot in preparations: visiting sustainable houses. The sustainable housing route is an ideal way to do this. Talk to those builders to clarify the fine details. This made it clear what they did and did not want. That was about 5 years ago now.

Tessa and Peter also take actions in the field of sustainability in everyday life. One thing every year, then it remains fun, says Tessa. For example, Tessa’s guideline this year is clothing: don’t buy new clothing because there is plenty of second-hand clothing available that is really more than fine. There is such a business in our own village in Zeeland: Look Twice . The nice thing is that it also saves money.

Sustainability also has a prominent place in their work. Tessa works at Friesland Campina as a sustainability manager. Many people do not know that this company is a cooperative and that is what they like about it. The members of the cooperative are the owners of Friesland Campina and have a farm themselves. As a food technology student in Wageningen, Tessa ended up in this position that was created especially for her. The technical know-how in her work, and also in and around the house, lies with Tessa. An unconventional fact in the construction world. Peter has his own company as a landscape architect where history, better and beautiful landscapes come together as an ecological whole.