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For the Transmedia Storytelling course at the NHTV in Breda I developed a story world which is called: POWER. First you’ll see an outline of the history of this storyworld to understand the structure of it.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

In this story world we look at the history of the world trough the lens of power. This has a double meaning. It is about those in power over a population but also about power as energy. How these seemingly unrelated topics are linked will become clear in this document. Although the history is important in this world the stories will take place in the future since the past cannot be changed and the future depends on what we do in the now. Thereby giving an important role to co creation within this story world. The concept has been worked out in more detail but is not part of this handout.

The story world is to be considered inspired by true events mixed with some fictional elements. The main focus of the story world is how an elite builds their power. The way an elite tries to hold power is not bound to one aspect of life but rather anyway that works for them. This is why timeframes are used to get a hold of thread of power through the history of humanity. Only at the dawn of the 19th century power as electricity will become important.


Places: Jerusalem & Rome
Before the separation of church and state, religion was used to govern people. How did this happen? As an example we will examine the story of Jesus as depicted in the Bible. Outside of the Bible only a few texts mention the existence of Jesus. Therefore we have to rely on the Bible as the source of our knowledge. However the Bible is a library of some books as agreed upon by namely the Catholic Church. Jesus did not dictate this and therefore, at least partly, it is a human creation. When the Catholic faith became the state religion of Rome the Bible became an instrument of power. Who’d control the contents of the Bible would control the politics in these days. This is why some interesting elements were stripped from the Bible but also some changes were made.

But we will have to start with the life of Jesus first to understand the danger he posed upon those in power. By choosing twelve apostles Jesus would suggest the restoration of the twelve tribes of Israel and the creation of their own nation would be close. This was also predicted it in the Tora and Jew people are still waiting for that to happen. However war would be inevitable to accomplish this. It was a widely accepted fact. In his time and place Jesus should be considered a revolutionary Jew. For the establishment in Rome this was a problem and the main reason, besides others, why he was crucified. But aside from running into problems with the establishment Jesus also professed the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Most people believe this doesn’t refer to a place on earth. However there is reason to believe he refers to an internal state of mind. Where would a young Jew get this knowledge? Several ancient eastern texts indicate Jesus received training in India. It would also provide a comprehensive understanding besides the Son of God theory. What also made Jesus more dangerous is that this internal state of being was available to everyone: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) “I Am” being the gateway to the Father. In other words the (inner)being of every human, is his or her own inherent connection to God. This would not allow for a controlled religion and thus politics as was being practiced in Israel at that time. The priests would work with the emperor in Rome to maintain their well earning positions. Jesus therefore undermines the entire establishment by his words and actions.

Now fast-forwarding four centuries later Rome makes Christianity the state religion, ironic isn’t it? Why and how was this allowed? By strangling the Gospel at birth. The twelve apostles worshipped Jesus as most gurus are worshipped. So it was very easy to put him on a pedestal. The church thereby declaring he was the Son of God but more importantly the only one. Anyone who would claim to be the Son of God after him would be accused of heresy. Than adding to that he died for our sins. In other words indebting all people to God by default. By doing so installing guilt and shame on the believers, but since it was a state religion, onto the population. This helps in controlling people without the need for heavy violence. This is how the Catholic faith became to ultimate tool for oppression and hereby for those in power.

1400 AD – 1600 AD

Places: South & North America
However something happened in North America that would eventually start to challenge those in power. When America was discovered by the Spanish Hernando Cortes they went to the capitol (of the people living in, what we call today, south America) and asked the ruler for all his gold or else he would be killed. This leader of the Aztecs, Montezuma II, did give all his gold but Hernando didn’t keep his word, he killed him anyway. Then he blocked the roads and aqua ducts so no one in the city could get out and get fresh water. For a couple of days the Aztecs starved and eventually died. Because of this Hernando believed he could take over any other civilization in this fashion.

He was right until he came across the Apache. Unlike the other civilizations they were organized in a decentralized way. This means there is no centralized one leader in charge. Every group living together had a Nant’an. This was a person who would lead their group by example. The Spanish would ruin the homes of the Aztecs and kill the Nant’an. But when they did it had almost no effect since their decentralized way of living made them very resilient. For example after their homes were ruined they became nomadic and a new Nant’an would stand up in their midst. For those in power (mainly in Europe at that time) this made it very difficult to beat the oppression. Since every time they thought the killed their leader, a new one would pop up. But also because the Apache were flexible enough to become nomadic after their homes were destroyed.

1500 AC – 1950 AC

Places: Europe & The United States of America
The oppression by religion (mainly in Europe) has worked for centuries but when a separation of state and church happened (from 1530 onwards) another tool was needed to keep control by those in power. An opportunity came when an English king needed more money to fund its wars. The king allowed some bankers to control the creation of money as a form of debt. However the population would pay the interest on the debt. Because the money for the interest is not created there is always a shortage of money to repay the entire debt. Just like sin the idea of debt causes people to feel shame and guilt towards the lender hence making them easier to suppress. As the notion of the world as a globe became clear the bankers knew they could make the most money with loans granted to governments for wars. Also they became aware of the possibility of world domination. Soon a plan was drafted in the beginning of the 20th century.

With the implementation of the Federal Reserve act in 1913 the debt based economic system, at first in the USA and later worldwide, would be firmly in place. This allowed the (elite) bankers control over government even in democratic societies.

Than there are those who’d like to break the power and not control people at all; similar to the original teachings of Jesus. Think: Nikola Tesla. With him also comes another kind of power; electricity. A famous story about Nikola Tesla and JD Margon goes as following: Nikola is developing a way to gather electricity out of the air. Energy is all around is in unlimited quantities. Therefore Nikola is creating a tower to tap in to the source of this energy and use the earth as a conductor. JD Morgan is financing this undertaking but when JD asks how he could measure the quantity of energy used by people he finds out this isn’t possible. Because of this he wouldn’t be able to earn money with the invention of Nikola. Therefore JD Morgan shuts down the project. After this rumor has it Nikola keeps inventing stuff as he grows old but he dies alone and poor. But that wasn’t the case. He had two children whom know everything about his inventions and his share his to desire to give the world free energy.

1950 – 1990 AC

Places: Global
Also worth mentioning is one individual who started to change peoples hearts and minds: Michael Jackson. Art has always been a powerful way to criticize the world or adding glamour to it. With the mass media this could spread like wildfire. Think for example about “They Don’t Really Care About Us”. Because this song is an almost direct attack on those in power the first cracks would appear. Michael gained so much momentum that he became dangerous to those in power. To prevent him creating a real movement his image was destroyed and he eventually was killed. But his art and the power of art in general will stay a force for change.

Also noteworthy in this time are John F. Kennedy who was murdered by the CIA because he wanted to change the banking system. But also Ghandi and Martin Luther Kind who became a threat when they were able to challenge authority without having any formal title.

1990 AC – Nowadays

Those in power could not have foreseen or didn’t want to see how their power would soon start to crumble. If you look at the Internet and p2p networks you see a big shifts towards decentralization. However there is one big difference; a virtual community can scale unlimited in contrast with actual communities (like those of the Apache) who can hold 30-70 people. This is where the greatest struggle of our time will take place: centralized vs. decentralized.

So instead of the powerful stealing from the people, for example through debt, the people are now stealing from the powerful since they own the media companies who create the films. The Internet was not created by one person but by many and sponsored by the American Military – Industrial Complex. The powerful saw it as a tool to control all people individually but as we now know it is doing just the opposite.

One family to rule them all – By now you might think: people who want power, just a thread that runs through history. What else is new? Well, there is one family connecting all of this. We now know them by the name of the Wilderberg family. Right now there are more families involved but it started with them. The Wilderberg family has a long history of marrying with powerful leader as to prolong their power but also keep their family hidden from plain sight. A great example of this is Hailey Clintonnetta her maiden name being Wilderberg. The Wilderberg family has a very planned offspring. The boy’s task is always to keep the name in the family. But the girls task is to marry powerful leaders so to keep the power in the family, hide the family name from becoming to publicly known. The girls also must not create too much offspring, preferably none. In the marriage contracts it would always say: “married in community of property”. Also they would always make sure the man dies first so to keep fortune and power stays as much in the family. However for the boys it is just the other way around. But they cannot take on to public roles. More about these families and other key characters is to be read in the key characters section. Also only two boys are allowed maximum.

As there are people who’d like to maintain their power, there are also people who like to break that power and take control themselves: BRICS. The BRICS nations are becoming a powerful opponent for those in power. Only the future will tell how this will be dealt with.


The product concepts revolve around the close future but some key events will be fixed so to inspire people to act upon it. This is why the TV Series is a good but not necessary entry point. It will provide a lot of the background mentioned above.

Story concepts

The concepts are all part of the bigger story: the future of humanity. Each concept can stand on it’s own but is part of the overall story world. The concepts heavily depend on co creation. Although the current concepts are sequential and build on each other, newly to be developed concepts may go more in to depth of the history or focus on the bloodline of the Wilderberg family.

  • Powershift – TV Series
  • Power Your World – ARG
  • MPowered – MoviePower Transmedia Concept

The concepts are worked out in more detail but they are not part of this text.