Our Place in this World | Blog #15

When exactly humanity began, when humans were first born or where the cradle of mankind stood we don’t really know. What we do know is that we live in this natural world that has been taken care of us for as long as we can remember.

Although we didn’t really understand how it all worked we did honor and respect this living world that gave us everything we need. Our being in the world didn’t have a great impact on it, we were completely dependent on the fruits and vegetables the earth gave us.

As we grew in numbers, and in consciousness, we began to see we could manipulate this world around us. We could make instruments to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Think about a cup, a bed or a knife. Yet largely Mother Nature decided what was happening in the world.

As our abilities became more obvious to more people it seemed we could manipulate the entire world and remake it the way we saw fit. We were to be creators, god-like creatures. This made us see ourselves as separate from the natural world. We were the final frontier of evolution.

Or so we thought. Evolution hasn’t ended and is still going. This time evolution is to emerge out of us, to grow from within. Just like everything in nature develops from the inside-out. Our role is different now. We are called to be creators together with Mother Nature, we are co-creators. We, together with our Mother, decide what happens on this planet. This gives us more freedom and yet more responsibility.

Our place in the world is different now, we are part of nature not separate from it. Yet we can (consciously) choose and direct how we want to be in this world. All this starts from the inside. For the sake of our evolution do we dare to encounter the sea within?