Media Madness | Blog #17

When I started studying, back then at NHTV, it was 2005 and IMEM was still hassling with videotapes, Kodak still existed and YouTube was a newborn. Looking back I can see the stage was set for the world of media to be turned upside down in a few years time. I wanted to study at IMEM but somehow I couldn’t and started doing leisure management in order to transfer to IMEM the next year.

Transferring to IMEM didn’t work out for me and so I had to do something else. And what do you do when you don’t know what to do? You go into teaching. 😉 At least that is what I did and continued to do for several years. In the final year of that study I quit because I didn’t see myself being a primary school teacher for the rest of my life. And I still had a dream of studying IMEM and so in 2011 I finally did.

I distinctly remember mac computers were not recommended. Yet when I went to the introduction week there suddenly was a whole maclab at school. Which I shared on facebook with a little comment. WTF. Perhaps a nice sidenote: Facebook was founded in 2004 and I only joined in 2008. The media madness was building up.

Let me ask you some questions and make some noise if this also applies to you. In the past I have worked with video tapes. Today I don’t work with videotapes. I grew up without the internet. I own a smartphone with mobile internet. I am on a multiple social media platforms? And just for my curiosity, did any of you delete all his or her social media accounts? Anyway, that kind of change is huge right, and it only happened during my studies. Now I did study for eleven years which makes it a little bit different from most of you. But still, only eleven years.

In these eleven years production, content and marketing changed in profound ways. Imagine how important it is to learn new skills as well as to unlearn. Going to school to unlearn that sounds kinda crazy right. For us students we didn’t know any better, for our teachers it must have been harder. Especially when they were successful in a certain game, yet the rules of the game changed while playing. It might have felt like they were going mad.

Mad because there used to be a clear distinction between the producer and the consumer. Most people were either of those, not both. Enter the smartphone and suddenly everyone is a consumer and producer at the same time. Before this you needed to send a crew to capture footage, now it’s already uploaded before you could have a crew in the car. Has this locked us in a constant ratrace for content? I mean there are some cinema movies that were made on smartphones nowadays.

Then there were those videotapes which were quite expensive and a hassle to get on your computer, where you had to play the whole tape in order to start editing. Imagine the joy to shoot images, get the card out of the camera and start editing right away. And I was even amazed by my MacBook Air which was so fast that it outperformed the iMacs and MacBook Pro’s due to the type of hard drive. Crazy, right?

But wait, it’s about to get more crazy when we dive into marketing. Are you familiar with Seth Godin? A marketing guru and a teacher said: ‘The best marketing strategy is to destroy your industry before your competition does.” I think Netflix listened very well to this guy. Perhaps they should  So here is your next assignment, destroy your industry.

During my eleven years of study a sea of change has happened and I was there to witness it firsthand. Perhaps this is not the end of the change but only the beginning. Is it scary, frightening, fascinating or freeing? I think it’s all of that at the same time. All I can see is we are in full fledged flux as a civilization. And we are witnessing history, or rather our-story, in the making.

This is MEDIA MADNESS: Welcome in a VUCA world, Volatile, Uncertain, Complexity, Ambigue


And don’t think this is unique for the media and entertainment world. Education for example is something you can never finish. Depending on your experience you might cheer or despise lifelong learning. Even though it might sound like a prison sentence it doesn’t have to be. Especially if you know that massive change is happening in every industry. Everyone has become a potential media power house. Education? Be your own teacher! Construction? Build your own (tiny) house! Finance? Be your own bank! Medical Care? Be your own doctor and take good care of yourself! So let’s not be a cry baby about this. Welcome in a VUCA world, Volatile, Uncertain, Complexity, Ambigue where were we are all challenged to be a leader. Step up, lead and vote for yourself!

Oh and if you don’t want go mad in all of this, consider to become no-mad. Any digital nomads in the house? I am curious to hear about your not-crazy experience.

foto door: Ton Eijkemans