FLOWtime | 15 minutes of inspiration

During ‘FLOW time’ you talk about a short video. In these powerful 15 minutes you converse with 3 – 7 people.  It’s about the dialogue, there is no agenda, no goal to reach, just space for exchanging perspectives. Are you in?

– Short explanation – 
  • What: FLOW time | 15 minutes of inspiration
  • Who: Anyone can initiate an online meeting.
  • Why: Dialogue (not a discussion)
  • When: Is possible at every time of the day, however from previous experience the start of the day is a relaxed moment.
  • Whom: Together with some people you know, whom are open to talk but sometimes adding random people helps to get more exciting conversations.
  • How: You start with watching a short video en give room for whatever comes up and space for people to interact. Always with respect from oneanother with friendliness. No obligation, just meeting.
Earlier experiences (Fontys FLOW) where alot of fun en special to see what kind of conversations can arise. A response from a participant:

What a great way to start the day.

Flow time
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