Energy as currency | Blog #5

from money centeredness to thinking in terms of energy. | Although there is an abundance of energy in the universe, we are limited by our current way of harnessing energy. With this in mind we can devise how we can best use the least amount of energy while maximizing the wellbeing of people and planet.

Food Growing, harvesting and transporting food requires a lot of energy. Throwing food away in this line of thinking is an abomination. Also transporting oranges from Brazil to Denmark doesn’t make a lot of sense. What does make sense is growing food locally and eating seasonal food.

Transport Making millions of cars that are only used 90% of the time doesn’t really make sense. Because we are not really willing to share, our cars spend most of their time, unused, at some parking spot. What does make sense is sharing cars, preferably self-driving, so parking spots can be transformed into regenerative oases.

Construction Constructing buildings that need huge amounts of power for climate control is completely ridiculous. Especially when you know termite hills don’t use any power and have a constant climate. What does make sense is learning from nature about effective solutions to our pressing problems.

Currency Humans are not machines, but compared to machines our bodies are very energy efficient. Nature has figured this out before we ever thought about it. All we have to do is observe how this works and integrate it in our economy. Actually it is a very simple principle: the currency of the universe is energy.