Deelhuisjes (Sharing Cabinets) part two! | translated from

The initiative for installing shared houses from Lokaal voor Lokaal is slowly but surely spreading to other places such as Schaijk, Reek, Uden, Veghel and Keldonk. The trio Mira, Debbie and Marjo are happy that it is also being taken up in other places, but their focus remains on their own community. They still have a number of plans for this, such as working on sharing items and clothing. 

Fundraising campaign not current. Logo by Arno van Ras

The ladies are happy to share the concept and logo (created by Arno van Ras) to help other initiators get started as best as possible. The fact that the concept is not literally adopted everywhere is not a problem, according to the trio. Each community gives it its own color.

The three initiators see the need with their own eyes and are deeply touched by what poverty can do to a person. Stress is bad for a person’s health and is also said to affect intelligence. For poor families with children, a children’s party is often not possible, the three are thinking about how they can get started with this.

They also keep their eyes open in other areas. Children who do not speak the Dutch language much at home and therefore hardly learn it, so-called NT2 children, can participate in the reading express for 20 weeks . ( If your child has difficulty with language, a volunteer from the VoorleesExpress can come to your home to help, every week for six months. ) But this is a one-off and the problem is that the children lose the Dutch they have learned during the weekend. That is why the ladies are looking for structural solutions for this.

Another idea they are playing with is setting up their own (partial) vegetable garden. They were enormously inspired by a visit to Sjef van Dongen’s company . The idea of ​​Lokaal voor Lokaal is always to put something down and make sure it runs. If that succeeds and the initiative is viable, the three will withdraw.